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About VideoStills

AVT VideoStills is a powerful tool to extract still images from video files.

You can extract the images at different sizes including the encoded pixel size for videos with non square pixels. That can be useful if you want to use the still images in your video editing software with other footage with the same dimensions.
You can extract still images with a fixed number of images or at a given time interval. If you want you can also place markers at the images you are interested in and let the app extract only those marked images.

There are two variants of AVT VideoStills. The Lite and the full version. Currently they differ in the file formats supported.


Supported Video file types:


Lite Full
QuickTime movies (mov)

QuickTime movies (mov)

MPEG4-movies (mp4, m4v)
  DV Streams (dv)
  3GPP (3gp, 3g2)
  MPEG (mpg, m1v, mpeg)
  AVI (avi)**
  Windows Media (wmv)*
  Matroska (mkv)**
  Flash Video (flv)**


*   Windows Media files need the installation of "Flip4Mac".
** Matroska and Flash Video files need the installation of "Perian".



What's New

Version 1.0

new release

System Requirements


MacOSX 10.6 or above
QuickTime 7 (included in OSX)


no Windows version at the moment


VideoStills and VideoStills Lite are currently only available on the Mac App Store.


You can download a demo version of AVT VideoStills here: