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About VideoBooklet

AVT VideoBooklet is a powerful tool to create nice looking and informative booklets of your video files.
It works best if your videos are properly tagged. Untagged files are supported but in that case you'll get the technical information only.

You have the choice to create PDF documents or video files.
PDFs are best suited to be used on your computer. They are resolution independent and can be searched, to name a few advantages.
Video files on the other hand have the advantage that they can be used on almost any device capable of playing videos. The generated video files are chaptered. So you can easily navigate through the different "pages".

AVT VideoBooklet can read the tags from the following files:

• QuickTime movies (mov)
• MPEG4 movies (mp4, m4v, 3gp, 3gpp, 3gpp2, 3g2)
• Matroska movies (mkv)
• AVI (avi)

Other video formats supported:

• MPEG Videos (mpg, mpeg)
• MPEG Elementary Streams (mpgv, mpv, mp1v, m1v, mp2v, m2v)
• MPEG Programm Streams (mp1p, mp2p, vob)
• MPEG Transport Streams (ts, m2ts)
• Flash Video (flv)
• Windows Media Files (wmv)
• Material Exchange Format (mxf)
• DV Streams (dv)

To include video snapshot images some additional software is needed

*   Windows Media files need the installation of "Flip4Mac".
** Matroska and Flash Video files need the installation of "Perian".



What's New

Version 1.0

new release

System Requirements


MacOSX 10.6 or above
QuickTime 7 (included in OSX)


no Windows version at the moment


VideoBooklet is currently only available on the Mac App Store.


You can download some sample files generated by AVT VideoBooklet here:





These files are in German but you can get an idea how the resulting files look like.