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 DVInfo 2.0

About DVInfo 2.0

DVInfo is a tool to get information about DV-Video files. Those files can contain a lot more information. Usually this information is not easily accessible as it is encoded into the DV stream. For example, DVInfo can retrieve the original date and time of the recording., the original time code on the tape or even some of the camera settings used during recording of the footage. Dependent on the software and equipment used to transfer your source material, the DV content can be in different container formats. DVInfo supports all commonly used containers, i.e. DV Streams (.dv), QuickTime (.mov) and even AVI files if you have transferred your videos on a PC.

System Requirements


MacOSX 10.7 or above (64 Bit)


no Windows version at the moment


DVInfo is currently only available on the Mac App Store.



To check your files and see if they contain additional information like the recording date, you can download a free version of DVInfo here: