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About ChapterIt

AVT ChapterIt is a powerful tool to add and edit chapters of video files.

You can manually add, edit or remove chapters or use the built-in functions to automatically add chapters. If your movie fades to black between different parts you can let ChapterIt find those black frames to place the chapters there. Of course you can also import chapters.

There are two variants of AVT ChapterIt. The Lite and the full version. Currently they differ in the file formats supported.


Supported Video file types:


Lite Full
QuickTime movies (mov)

QuickTime movies (mov)

MPEG4-movies (mp4, m4v)
  Matroska (mkv)



Import chapters from:


Lite Full
TEXT- or XML-files (no FCPXML)

TEXT- oder XML-Dateien

QuickTime, MPEG4 or Matroska Videos QuickTime, MPEG4 or Matroska Videos
DVD (.ifo files) DVD (.ifo files)


What's New

Version 1.1

both versions

• play your movies inside the app
• improved keyboard handling
• many internal improvements

Full version:

• supports the import of Final Cut Pro XML files (.FCPXML) to get the chapters


Version 2.0

• completely re-written in Cocoa
• faster, smoother, better than before
• faster launch
• scaleable player view
• optimized for Retina display
• basic support for Matroska files (Full version)
• many other improvements

System Requirements


MacOSX 10.6 or above
QuickTime 7 (included in OSX)


no Windows version at the moment


ChapterIt and ChapterIt Lite are currently only available on the Mac App Store.


You can download a demo version of ChapterIt here:


Please note: this is a beta version of the next major release (version 2.0). If you find any bugs please report them to avt@scirius.com